How to fix: WordPress permalinks not working

If only the “plain” permalinks work:
  • Maybe the .htaccess file is not set properly? Ensure WordPress can modify it (chmod 777 .htaccess for a moment; don’t forget to chmod back once we’re done with this step), then go to Settings ⇒ Permalinks and modify your Permalink preference and “Save Changes”. This will ensure .htaccess has the proper contents.
  • If you still have a problem, maybe the mod_rewrite is not enabled?! (have you upgraded your server recently?) So just enable it! (how? depending on your Apache version. Maybe: sudo a2enmod rewrite and then service apache2 restart)
  • If you already had mod_rewrite enabled, then maybe there is some conflicting plugin? :/ try to disable your plugins and enable them one after the other to see whether that’s the case.
  • Still not fixed? Let’s look again at the .htaccess. Maybe your Apache configuration does not AllowOverride All? Hope this helps!
  • None of this worked? Sucks for you.

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