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Fresh install, Feb. 21, 2018

  • Started with `conda -V` 4.6.3. (had Anaconda 2.2.0 (64-bit), installed in C:\Dev\Anaconda\).
  • Ran the `Uninstall-Anaconda.exe` in C:\Dev\Anaconda\. Note: Once you click the “Details” button, it cannot be undone (and it takes more time when it prints all the stuff it deletes; so don’t click “Details”, the uninstall is already long as it is).
  • Went to (Anaconda 2018.12 for Windows Installer), where I could download either Python 3.7 version or Python 2.7 version. Downloaded the Python 3.7 version, “64-Bit Graphical Installer” (, 614.3 MB).

Older notes

Useful commands — venvs:
# list of venvs
conda env list
# activate/deactivate
activate my_venv
conda deactivate
Usefull commands — packages:
# installed packages
pip list
# search a package (actually a *string* in the text (descriptions?) of packages)
pip search statsmodels
# info on specific package
pip show statsmodels
# install / upgrade a package
pip install statsmodels
pip install statsmodels --upgrade

# Conda list packages -- better than 'pip list', because supposedly listing all package installations whether they were installed using pip or conda (so e.g. you might have statsmodels version 0.8 that you once installed using pip, but version 0.9 if you installed using conda)
conda list
Conda channels etc.: The documentation is really helpful.
conda config --help

# So e.g. to add the channel conda-canary:
conda config --add channels conda-canary

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