Ethereum Wallet / Mist, checksum mismatch in dowloaded node, geth-1.8.23, MyCrypto Desktop App

Bottom line:

Ethereum Wallet stopped working for me, so I stopped working with him. Now using MyCrypto Desktop App with the keystore files (in my keystore/ folder).

The longer story:

After a while of not running my Ethereum Wallet, it notified me of the existence of a new geth. I told him to download it (as I’ve done multiple times in the past), but since that point it stopped working for me: kept complaining on a checksum mismatch in the downloaded node, and told me I should download geth-1.8.23 myself. I did. I tried various other geth versions. I tried running the geth locally and then run the Ethereum Wallet etc., but it wouldn’t work.

I eventually realized that the team has decided to sunset Mist, and they proposed some migration options.

I followed their recommendation and installed MyCrypto Desktop App from (there’s a checksums.txt file here). That’s it. Apparently you could use their online version directly to some extent. Anyway, from their Desktop App (.exe file running directly from where you saved it), choose to access your wallet from a “Keystore File” and just refer to the keystore file (in your keystore/ folder, which I’m sure you took care of backing up after each transaction, right?). Done.

Final note: At that point, relying on a remote node using that MyCrypto app, there’s probably no need for the big geth/ local folder, as well as the geth.exe (can uninstall it if you installed it using their installer file).

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